Okay you’ve got the perfect trainer, the vibe is good and you are ready to get started. Now chart your course of what days and times will work best. Generally we have to balance everything for everyone else but this is your time and its all about you. It’s your special day! This is your first big decision; make the commitment, I can’t begin to tell you haw much money I have wasted on gyms, boot camps, etc. If you can enlist a friend …great, if you can’t this is where the truth comes out. What you are made of, the big test and the hardest. I started with everyday the first week just to wrap my head and body around the idea because there will be a slight shock to the body. Remember it has been dormant, go ahead and shock it and after the first week reduce down to 3 days a week. You must eat prior to every workout because it will help you work out and give you endurance to last the hour. Get in the habit of keeping snacks in your purse, I ate 6 meals and 3 snacks. Protein and veggies and water, water and more water. (I’m fighting that battle with you) Eat your heaviest meal at lunch if you must so it will have to time to burn off. No sodas, sugar, flour, pastas, bread….I know it’s a lot but this is hard work. That’s why when people suggest that I’ve had work done I laugh because I know I gave it up and I give it everything I got. I turn my mind off. It’s just me and the gym. You know what? I feel absolutely amazing and you will too! #RockSteady