Hey you guys I went to an event that was pretty interesting the other day. It was designed for “like mindedness single people” with different ages I would say between 30-50. I love attending events that bring different perspectives together.

Although the single part felt a little weird to me, but anyway I’m learning to open myself up more. Because I have become way too guarded. Okay so they opened the floor by going across the room and everyone introducing themselves. It’s almost like you want to say, “Hi I’m Gina and I’ve been clean for 2 months!” So this one girls introduces herself and say she is kinda quiet and not open and after we completed the introductions.

She goes full in about how she can look at a man and detect from the way he dresses that he is not for her. People are like onions and you have to peel back layers to sometimes get to the good. So sometimes you can’t be too big in your thoughts and short change yourself and miss your blessing. So the wrap it up is….sometimes it’s okay to be small and to sit back and allow that person to just surrender if interested and come to you.  #LifeIsATrip