Wow, this year is up and it has been quite a year of renewal, revelations and real-ism. I have personally and professionally witnessed that first hand.

My lesson out of it…”Guard my Grace.” Listen to and hear  my own inner voice. If I can’t hear, recognizing the fact that God has brought people into my life literally ones I would have never guessed that our paths would have crossed have dropped in  for a reason, season or a lesson. I had to learn to open my heart to receive it and trust the process as we all know is not always easy.
One that was most important and that sticks out with me was this. When you come to the end of your rope…….let it go! Why hold on to something that’s not holding on to you? So I say to you take this time to reflect, renew and pack away.
We are not carrying these bags into 2017 because as Ms. Badu said, “it will just hurt our back!” Let’s get some new luggage and mines will have wheels! Remember it’s never too late to start. This applies to me as well, I have struggles just like you, trust me when I say no one is exempted.