Continuing on the Journey

So now you found your trainer and you want to find one that works for you and what works for you. I know there are boot camps, spin classes and all sorts of classes but for a woman my age, (50 years old) that’s not for me. Sometimes you can injure yourself by working with a person that is not in tune to their craft. When I started, I was under contract that required me to lose 20lbs in 12 weeks and create recipes that would help me gain that. So I had to go hard, it was challenging but it made me realize that I could perform under pressure. I went through a lot of personal turmoils while under this obligation. I lost my grandmother and planned my first funeral and my sister suffered a stroke. Pat and I weren’t in the best place but as usual, like most women I thought I was “SuperWoman” and I kept pushing. Actually, that campaign showed me that I was fearless and that I could handle it without the needed support. So be careful what you ask for because as you start to progress everyone will not be happy for you. The key here is to just get started. Just get moving.