I had an interesting day today but I realized that this opportunity was presented for a “Teaching Moment.” Sometimes I think that situations arise between family, friends and relationships, to allow growth or to help bring order to relationships. I feel that we have gotten away from our “teaching moments.”

When I was growing up and although I never really thought about it I was constantly given little nuggets of life. Of course at that time it was more of a village, you didn’t just have “one mother” everyone played a role in your life in every facets. I miss that so I try to use that with my girls every chance I get. Even though they are older those lessons are more important now because the situations are no longer simple.

We all know that there is no Mother Handbook….I wished there were at times but we basically go off our blueprint that was presented to us from our parents and what we learn along the way. Which may at times not be the appropriate thing, that’s how bad habits get established in any relationships because the lack of just talking, explaining or expressing your emotions. I have a bad habit of holding back sometimes, so consequently I created a pattern that my family thinks that I am “SuperWoman” but I am not. No cape for me! So I expressed how I felt, talked it out and explained what they made me feel like and they explained how they felt.

We talked it and BOOM no problem on that issue anymore. A hug at the end and everything solved. No hurt feelings no one left out and that allowed us to bring in a solution to a bad pattern at least to a start to a better pattern. I felt good that I didn’t hold that in and harbor ill emotions and never speaking on them. Stop harboring old past issues they are just were they are suppose to be in the past.

Break bad generational that are not your growth or emotional evolution.  With that situation came PEACE! I am grateful.